Terms and Conditons

Terms and Conditons

Acceptance of our work and booking in with us is also acceptance of our terms and conditions, which are:-

We reserve the right to add to and /or amend our Terms and Conditions of trading without giving prior notice.

Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Payment
1.1 Goods must be paid for in advance, whether using online credit card processing facilities, paying via telephone with a credit/debit card.

2. Your Obligations
2.1 You agree to ensure that the information that you supply to us in the Order including without limitation details of the Property is complete, accurate and up to date. You will notify us immediately you become aware of any inaccuracy contained within the Order.
2.2 You agree that any order that we may deliver to you is delivered on the understanding that it is only for your use and for the purpose that you have disclosed to us.
2.3 Pre-arranged appointments with the chimney sweep are taken on the understanding that an Adult will be present at the appointment time. If we are unable to obtain access to the premises this will be considered a cancellation and section 5.2 will take affect.

3. Liability
3.1 Subject to any other provisions in these Conditions, we will not be liable to you for any loss,damages, costs or expenses caused directly or indirectly by a delay in delivery to you (even if caused by our negligence).
3.2 We will not be liable for any loss of actual or anticipated profits or savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity or for any special, indirect or consequential loss whether arising from a breach of these Conditions or negligence in performing the Services even if we were advised of or knew of likelihood of such loss occurring.
3.3 Subject to any other provisions in these Conditions, we will not be liable to you for any loss,damages, costs or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any services we are instructed to carry out (even if caused by our negligence).
3.4 Our entire aggregate liability to you for direct loss arising from our being in breach of these Conditions or negligent in the course of performing the Services will not exceed the cost of the Service.

4. Pricing
4.1 All prices include VAT where applicable.
4.2 The Website prices quoted are for properties anywhere in our normal defined area. Additional costs will be incurred outside of theses areas
4.3 Payment is due from you on completion of the sweeping process, if we do not receive payment from you on order, we reserve the right to cancel your order and terminate our services forthwith.
4.4 We do not send payment receipts or booking confirmations by post. Payment confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided.
4.5 Accepted methods of payment are Cash, Cheque, Credit or Debit card, Paypal and BACS.
4.6 BACS payments will incur an additional administration cost of £5

5.1 Cancellation MUST be made by telephone call ONLY to a member of staff
5.2 Should you wish to cancel or reschedule an Order, you agree to give us as much notice as is reasonably practicable. However if less than 24 hours is given we reserve the right to charge half of the full amount owed.
5.3 If you cancel the order with less than 5 hours notice we reserve the right to charge the full amount owed.
5.4 Answerphone messages and emails are not an accepted method of cancelling out services.

6. Complaints
6.1 Any complaints regarding our goods or services must be made within 10 days of that service or goods being delivered.
6.2 Any complaint must first be made to Southern Sweep. If no satisfactory result is made within a reasonable time, it is suggested that you contact the Trade Association listed on your sweeping certificate to take your complaint further.

7 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2018
7.1 When a booking is made you understand that we will keep your house and contact details on file and you give us permission to contact you when your chimney becomes due for sweeping. The use of our services is acceptance of these terms and signatures are no required to prove acceptance.
7.2 ANY and ALL information is solely for Southern Sweep to schedule booking and for certificates and invoicing purposes only. This information will never be sold, given, shown or entrusted to third parties unless landlord or tenant agencies require this information to ensure compliance for their own legal purposes.
7.3 If you want to be removed from our customer management system, you understand that you will not be contacted again, and this may affect your insurance liability if your sweeping frequency is not maintained to industry standard minimums.
7.4 To unsubscribe from our customer management system please call or email us HERE

8 E&OE
8.1 Every effort has been made to ensure the terms and conditions are as up to date as possible but we do accept any errors and omissions are excepted.